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Vigeo enterprise


With over 400 support missions, Vigeo enterprise, the audit and consultancy firm of Vigeo, operates in France and in over 35 countries worldwide, with :

  • companies of all sizes,
  • local authorities,
  • administrations,
  • joint and mutualist organisations,
  • asset managers

Responsible performance at the heart of your strategy, Vigeo supports you in three main areas : 



And on specific themes :

Vigeo’s point of view and methodological choices were validated by the ISO 26000 standard, which incorporates the fundamental principles of Vigeo Enterprise :

  • the reference to international standards addressed to states and to companies, principles which are universal (ILO, UN, OECD, EU, ...)
  • promotion of CSR as a managerial approach: the leadership’s commitment to results, how does the company deploy its responsibility throughout its activity?
  • CSR is not limited to processes but places itself at the heart of corporate strategy, at the very heart of the business model