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ranking EM70Vigeo Eiris published the Emerging Market 70 Ranking - 05/07/2016

The Emerging Market 70 Ranking is comprised of the 70 best performing companies from a reference universe of 800 companies from 31 emerging countries.

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RIODD – Vigeo Eiris 2016 Award - 27/06/2016

Alexandre RAMBAUD (DRM, Paris Dauphine University, Management Sciences), winner of RIODD-Vigeo Eiris 2016 Award

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vigeo eiris AEFEMMANUEL MACRON supports a screening of the proposition of the "due diligence" law by the french senate (CONFÉRENCE VIGEO EIRIS) - 16/06/2016

During Vigeo Eiris’ Conference on Supply Chain on Tuesday, June 14th 2016, Emmanuel Macron, the French Minister of Economy,  delivered a speech on the French proposed « Due Diligence » law, which remains to be planned at the French Senate agenda while one year separates the current majority to the presidential elections.

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euronext-vigeo-eiris port colour world 120Half‐year review of Euronext Vigeo CSR indices - 24/05/2016

Euronext, the primary exchange in the Euro zone, and Vigeo Eiris have completed their half-year review of the Euronext Vigeo index range.

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Logo Conf 13062016 P.CrifoFouad Benseddik interviendra à la Conférence du 13 juin sur : "RSE et performance économique sont-elles compatibles ?" - 20/05/2016

Conférence - Lundi 13 juin 2016 - de 14h à 19h30 - Salle Raymond Aron, Université Paris-Dauphine 

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